Charity & Nathan Prophetic Word #3



Prophetic Word #3

Charity and Nathan of
Ignited Ministries
on March 09, 2016:


Richard this is Charity ministering and praying
for you Father I thank you for this
opportunity to pray for him God I ask
that you would stir him with a deeper
with a deeper love for your word God cause him to
become more focused and uh to even
understand how to walk in a greater
excellency of walking out the call that
you’ve placed on his life
Father I asked for greater inspiration through your
word that as he reads your word that he would be
strengthened in
his purpose in Jesus name.

Richard as I
prayed for you I looked at psalm 4 and it
says but know that God has set apart for
himself him who is godly the Lord will
hear when I call to him be angry and
do not sin meditate within your heart on
your own bed and be still I will both
lye down in peace and sleep for you
alone o Lord make me to dwell in safety
and as I was looking at that
there’s a couple things one is that you
cannot sin in your angry or in your anger
not your angry then it talks about that
you can be angry
but don’t sin and and then it talks
about your heart meditate within your
heart on your bed
and be still and so in the midst of those
times where it could be challenging to even
be still before the
Lord and I heard recently someone
talking about you know when you’re very
angry and so upset the best thing that
you could do is lay down it preferably
on your bad and be completely still no
sound nothing but just meditate on His
Word meditate on Him and begin to just lay
as perfectly still as you can and you’ll
even begin to feel thing just
leaving you it doesn’t have that same
Hold and so they talked about how there’s
a scripture and they were referring to
this verse and then it follows up with
how your sleep will be peaceful and
sweet and so in the midst of the anger
and frustration learning how to take it
to the Lord that there are times where
there might be many things that could be
a frustration to you but learning how
how to rest in the Lord’s presence and
not taking it on yourself but learning
how to just
let it go and even releasing it to the
Lord and knowing that his ways are
higher and so even though you may not
fully understand everything that you
know you can just trust him and that he will
guide you and that he will direct your steps
the other thing that I sense for you is
like training lots of training and
getting you ready even for something new
and so even allow that that training
process that time of even almost
feeling vulnerable and feeling as though
how are things going to work out but
just trust the Lord knowing that He will guide
you and He will continue to lead you
don’t have to figure it all out that you
can just trust in Him and know that He
will even care for you and I also see God
giving to you like a greater intensity
of loving His law and His command is it’s
like what Psalm 1:19 talks about and so
I see you doing that but also leading
others in that way and that young men
are going to be drawn to you because
there’s a way in which you kind of
command attention and even bring people
into a place of discipline and you’ve
seen even what it’s like to walk in
place of just kind of not walking almost
feeling like you’re wandering aimlessly
but the Lord is giving to you vision and
it’s like Habbacok says that write
the vision make it plain that way those
who read it can run with it and so the
Lord is even establishing within your
own heart how to release even the
emotions and the things within your
heart that just seemed almost like a
struggle and releasing it to the Lord
and resting in Him
and knowing that the best is yet to come
and there’s nothing too difficult for
Him that He is faithful and that He is a
rewarder of those who seek Him so as you
continue to seek Him that there is that
promise there and the Lord is even
shifting some things within your own
heart of even perceptions ways of
looking at things and causing you to be
more open more aware of how to even
interact with different ones that there
are those who are not even in a place or
have an ability even to receive in a
particular way and so the Lord is
softening some things even in your
approach and is causing you even to
become more tender hearted towards Him
and so Lord I think you for that and I
pray that you would continue to cause
him to have that hard of a father to
stir up the gifts within many and even to
lead them into your presence and God I
pray that you would activate within him
or greater measure of faith and love and
that he would carry out even the
assignments that you give to him with
such excellence that it would stir others
provoke them even to love and good works
in Jesus name


Richard this is Nathan
ministry and praying for you Lord I thank
you for Richard Lord would you pour your
Spirit over him right now
Lord increase your anointing in
in him Lord I release a fresh charge of your
Spirit into him right now Lord that he
would know the love that you have for
him Lord the heart that’s for him God I
pray that your words Lord your
thoughts for him would be released
through this word today that he be
blessed and he’d be encouraged by it.

Richard I heard the Lord saying that He is
releasing into you a fresh charge of His
Spirit that He is recharging ya and He
was showing me this picture of like an
old diesel engine just how they can sit
around for a while umm and you can just go
fire them right back up it doesn’t take a
lot of work it doesn’t take a lot of
energy but it’s like you turn that key
and that thing comes back to life and the
Lord was saying that
He is recharging somethings In you that
He’s about to fire some things right
back up running on all cylinders that
He’s going to be shaking the dust off
some things He’s gonna be lubricating
what needs to be lubricated He’s gonna
be tweaking what needs to be tweaked the
Lord said that when he turns that key
that things are going to fire right back
up there He is bringing that that
reviving to you that recharging of some
things and the Lord said that when He
revives things it’s not just the way it
was before but it’s better it goes
further it runs more smoothly the Lord
said that He is bringing that increase
to you that advancement some things have
been sitting around collecting some dust some
things that we’re we’re done and over
with that there was no life left in them
the Lord said they are gonna see those
things sring back to life and He is even
putting His hand to the key is about to
turn that thing in a release some life
even into some situations
Richard I heard the Lord saying that He’s even
put a strength with In you a strength to
stand firm to stand tall you are not
going to be swayed you’re not going to
be moved and I saw standing head and
shoulders above the rest
and the word truth was written on your
forehead the Lord said that He is even
releasing that into you that heart to be the one
who stands for truth he said they you
are going to stand out from the rest
that is going to cause you to stand out and
standout stand taller ones are even
gonna look to you He said that he is
gonna put the wisdom in your mouth that
He’s gonna give you the wisdom you need
to speak into different situations
that truth is even gonna be the key that
your gonna be one who stands upon truth and
there’s gonna set you apart from the
rest but he said that he’s gonna give
you that wisdom you need that when
questions are brought to you when things
are placed before the Lord said He’s gonna
give you the wisdom that you need to
speak into those situations and the Lord was also
saying the you seen what’s on the
and that it has looked so far away I just saw
this mountain range it seemed so far away on
the horizon you can had to squint to see it The Lord was just speaking to me
that you know things have looked
unreachable that things have looked like
you know you’re never gonna reach them
but the Lord said they He’s gonna cause
you to reach those things He is speaking to
me first kings 18 verse 44 and what’s
going on here is Elijah goes to pray
because there’s been a drought and he tells ahab
that the rains come and get ready
the rains coming but there was no no
sign of the rain yet so he goes up on
the mountain he begins to pray and seven
times he sends his servant to to look says
the rain coming do you see anything on
the horizon in the seven times his servant
comes back and says nope there’s nothing
there that in verse 44 it says that it
came to pass the seventh time that he
said there’s a cloud as small as a man’s
hand rising out of the sea so he said go
up say to Ahab. prepare your chariot and go
down before the rain stops you and
The Lord was just speaking to me that He’s
causing a quickening to happen that
even though it seems like things are far
off it seems like things are impossible
the Lord said that he is bringing that
quickening to you that even you know
when they saw the cloud it was just a
small thing on the horizon and didn’t
seem like anything but Elijah was like you better
go quickly before that rain overtakes ya The Lord said there’s some things are
coming quickly though they see seem far
off on the horizon the Lord said that
there’s a quicking that’s coming that
He’s about to cause things to come
bursting forth just like that rain was
about to come bursting forth the Lord
said that things are about to come
bursting forth on the scene for you and
even where it looks like times run out
the Lord said that he is restoring the
time that he is restoring things for you
where it looked like that they were
done it looked like there are finished
the Lord said that he can restore the
time that you’re gonna see the
manifestation of His promises the things
that He spoken to you the things that
he’s promised to you the Lord said
that you are going to see those things
fulfilled you are going to see those
things take place the manifestation not
just the promise but you’re going to see
those things take place even in the
natural but the Lord says get ready
because things are about to start
happening quickly and your gonna find
yourself running and so prepare yourself
even now for that bursting forth that’s
about to take place So Lord I thank you
for Richard Lord would you be with him
Lord bless him in all he does God Amen,